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We've assembled a team of industry leading engineers, creatives, and business experts to develop the KR8 AI ecosystem. Our two revolutionary products leverage the power of AI to disrupt and challenge the creator economy.


Coach is a Machine Learning & AI-powered social media manager that processes analytics and provides feedback on content and engagement. Coach will disrupt the industry by providing a tool that is intuitively built from the ground up, by content creators for content creators.


KR8 works using AI and ML to learn and analyze your data to create a simple coaching strategy. By analyzing multiple social platforms, Coach can recognize trends before they happen and suggest content strategy based on a creator’s primary audience. Post to multiple platforms simultaneously and follow the coaching strategy allowing the AI to do the work.


Using the massive amount of creator data from Coach, we can accurately pair companies with creators that perfectly fit their targeted marketing strategy. Campaigns, as a part of Coach functionality, allows creators to seamlessly build perfectly timed and marketable content to maximize monetization.